Ever wondered why people with the best technical skills and good communication skills fail to get noticed or do not get the career opportunities that they deserve?

It is the self-presentation and branding that matters more than the skill set that you possess. This is why workshops and training on Grooming and self-presentation have become the fastest-selling modules.

A few Guidelines that help you in presenting Yourself better are:



  1. Keep neat and tidy; this includes taking care of your hair, nails, shoes, and other accessories.
  2. Always iron your clothes and do not wear stained or torn clothes.
  3. As a thumb rule, do not wear loud colors or ill-fitted clothes.


  1. Maintain proper oral hygiene, avoid foods that leave an odor, and keep a fresh mint at hand always.
  2. Use a deodorant and use a mild perfume sparingly.

Body Language:

  1. Maintain a good posture, be aware of the way you communicate through your body language.
  2. Walk straight and do not draw attention to the way you walk, avoid leaning into doorframes, desks, etc.
  3. Use appropriate gestures to communicate.



  1. Wash your hair regularly. Have a proper hair care routine and trim your hair at regular intervals.
  2. Do not draw unnecessary attention by dyeing your hair in bright colors or making messy hairstyles.


  1. Use soft makeup to enhance your features.
  2. Avoid using bright colors on your cheeks, lips, or eyes. Instead, use complementary colors of similar palettes.



  1. Get regular trims and keep your hair neatly brushed.
  2. Avoid using excessive gels to set your hair.


  1. Shave every day or get regular trims to maintain the shape of your beard.
  2. If necessary use gels/oils to set the beard into a neat shape.

It is indeed true that you may never get a second chance at making a first impression; These tips will help you create a good impression every single time. Always remember, you will be chosen for a role if you look like you are ready for the role!