Train The Trainer

Developing High-Impact Trainers to Drive  Business Performance.

About the Course

To become an effective trainer, you need to have two essential skill sets: subject matter expertise and instructional expertise. Our program equips first-time trainers with these skills and helps seasoned trainers refine their existing knowledge and delivery methods to create unique and beneficial learning experiences for their audience. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, our program can enhance your core competencies and enable you to deliver training that truly resonates with your end-users.

Program Benefits:

  1.  Customized Training Program
  2.  Personalized Attention
  3.  Flexible Timings
  4.  Holistic Methods of Coaching
  5.  Certified Course
  6.  Post-Training Internships 
  7.  Potential Projects 

Why Protocol?

Certified Trainers

Be trained by highly skilled and certified trainers

Get ISO-certified

Get ISO attested certificate after completion of training program.

Improved Learning

Activity-based Learning for Holistic development

Course Details

Train The Trainer.

Methodology of the Program

Step 1. Initial evaluation:
An intereation is arranged between the Coach and the candidate to evaluate and to understand the type of a trainer that the candidate would like to be. 

Step 2. Structuring a Course:
The Coach would understand the needs of the client and make an appropriate suggestions of a program. 

Step 3. Initiation of the Training
A tailor made course will then be structured and shared with the candidate as the first draft which can further be altered accordingy.

Step 4. Evaluation and :
The sessions will be exclusively planned for to primarily focus on the attainment of their goals.

Step 5. Initiation of the Training
Once the syllabus is finalised, the timings and frequency can be arranged as per mutual convenience, post which the Trainings commence.

Structure of the Course

Mode of Training

Coaching available Online and Offline.

Duration of the Course

The duration of the program would be between 12-15* Sessions. Which will be clarified after a pre diagnostic has been completed.

Example of Topics

  • Managerial Skills
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Language Proficiency
  • Grooming
  • Critical Conversations
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Cross Cultural Sensitization
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team management.. etc

Trusted by top organizations

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Protocol is a great place of learning. I have undergone TTT program from here. I am super confident and impressed with training techniques of Kauser.

Anutha Arjun


The classes helped me improve my interpersonal skills, presentation skills and had an overall development.

Vidhya Suresh


These online classes were really great and if you’re thinking to join Protocol, I suggest you to actually join it without any hesitation, it’ll really make a big difference in your life and will be useful for you too.



Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is the Executive Coaching tailored for?

One-to-one training is a personalized training approach for  individual’s who wish to receive direct and focused training from a trainer. This type of training is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the learner.

What are the benefits of the Executive Coaching?

Some of the advantages of one-to-one training include personalized attention, customized training plans, faster learning and greater flexibility.

How is the Executive Coaching different from the group classes?

One-to-one training is different from group training in that it provides personalized attention and customized training plans.

Group training, on the other hand, is more generalized and typically follows a fixed curriculum and timings. 

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the training?

Yes. A certificate will be given upon completion.

How is progress tracked in one-to-one training?

Progress in one-to-one training can be tracked through regular assessments, feedback from the trainer, and ongoing discussions between the learner and trainer.

How long does one-to-one training typically last?

The duration of one-to-one training can vary depending on the requirement of the learner. Some programs may vary from 6 session coaching upto 18-20* sessions. 

Who would be the Trainer for the Executive Coaching?

An appropriate trainer would be recomended to the client based on their requirement. However, the client can get to choose who they would like to be trained under before commencement of the program.

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