Norms of life changed after 2020 and among the many things that changed forever was how meetings were held. Earlier every meeting and discussion was in person and the idea of it being shifted to online did not exist.
However, now online meetings are the dorm and since everyone connects from different parts of the world it is important to understand the generally agreed norm to attend these virtual meetings.

The points listed below will ensure that your virtual meetings are conducted smoothly:

1. Check Settings

Double-check all your settings before joining to not make the attendees of the meeting wait for you to fix your technical glitch. This also includes checking the platform on which the meeting is to be held and most importantly joining the Virtual meetings on time makes a best practice.

2. Dress for success

Gone are the days when you could wear a formal shirt over pyjamas. Online meetings now require people to be dressed neatly and preferably in formal. Additionally one also needs to be aware of the way they present themselves and the place they connect from.
Avoid connecting from busy cafeterias or a busy room in your home.

3. Look at the camera

While we may feel more comfortable to look ourselves on the screen or at our other co-participants when it is your time to speak up look directly at the camera. This will make you appear more confident and assertive in the Virtual meetings.

4. Use the mute button

Unless it is your time to speak, keep yourself on mute, You never know how sudden noises may affect the overall meeting, so unmute yourself only if you have to say something otherwise ideally keep yourself muted.

5. Avoid distractions

Keep your phone away and log out from the extra tabs opened on your system. Stay focused on the meeting because believe me it is very easy to know your inattentiveness by the movements you do.
Similarly, if your background is shabby kindly use a background to avoid distracting others. However, be mindful that these backgrounds are simple and formal.

6. Schedule breaks for longer meetings

Staring at a screen for elongated periods of time is straining, to keep energy levels recharged and the focus intact, schedule short breaks so that participants can relax, unwind and connect back with a fresh perspective.

7. Wait your turn

The conversation may do good with certain inputs from your end but do not talk over someone, wait for the person currently speaking to give their points. Similarly, if you are speaking and see someone trying to talk over you, tell them you will let them speak at the end of your sentence and then fully allow them to speak.
This will ensure everyone has time to peacefully participate in the meetings.

8. Use the chat function wisely

This also includes raising your hand. Do not create a nuisance by unnecessarily using the chat box. If you have any genuine doubts, feel free to ask during the meetings or wait for the end of the meeting.

9. Keep a slot for questions

To wrap up the meeting on a positive note, keep a slot for everyone to ask their doubts. Allot at least 15 – 20 minutes for the same.

10. Summarize the meeting

Before ending the meeting, summarize the key points discussed. Ensure everyone understands the goals set during the meeting to achieve success.

In conclusion, adhering to virtual meeting etiquette is essential for maintaining a seamless and professional meeting in which the desired outcomes are achieved. Embracing these practices not only reflects positively on one’s professional demeanour but also ensures that virtual meetings are as efficient and collaborative as possible. To learn more click here.