Did Sherlock Holmes always leave you excited and did any mentalist leave you feeling bewildered?
Did you ever wonder how do people understand more than what is being said verbally and decode a human instantly?

The answer is a language that most of us are ignorant of while listening but are continuously speaking – Body Language!

What is Body Language?

  • It is a language that is spoken unconsciously even when you are asleep, it can be read through various signals like your eye contact, the pitch of your voice, the way you walk, stand, sit and many such small signals.
  • It is a manifestation of our unconscious mind which is why even though someone may verbally speak to you, you do not trust them. It is because unconsciously through their gestures they are conveying a message that does not relate to the message conveyed verbally.
  • It is a small but highly powerful language and if you learn to study it, it can be an added skill for you in every sphere of your life.

How to interpret Body Language?

There are several ways of decoding a person’s body language, one must have keen observation powers and must see beyond what is verbally being said. A few giveaways are:

a) Eye contact:
Eyes are windows to the soul. Sustained eye contact may show interest while shying away from eye contact can be indicators of low confidence and low self esteem.

b) Handshakes:
A firm handshake shows a healthy amount of confidence. A loose handshake shows low confidence while a gripping handshake shows attempt to overshadow/ over confidence.

c) Micro expression and regulation:
If you have a very observant eye, try to look for minute expressions that are often very fleeting. The true feelings of a person can be read through these small expressions.

d) Hands:
Crossing the arms around your chest means a defensive stand while standing with hands on your hips is a sign of aggression.

e) Fidgeting:
Fidgeting or playing with your hair, your accessories or tapping your fingers showcases nervousness or anxiousness.

f) Walking:
When a person walks slow and drags their feet on the ground it showcases that they are uninterested and are not too eager. Whereas, when a person is walking with energy and has a steady pace, they come across as confident, eager and approachable.

g) Clenched Jaw:
Clenching jaw, brows furrowed together and clenched fist all show discomfort, anxiety and stress.

h) Smile:
A tight lipped smile is indicative of a person being formal and not genuinely smiling whereas when the smile reaches the eye of a person and creates small crinkles around their eyes, it signals genuine smile and happiness.

While there are several things which can also be wrong about reading somebody’s Body Language, this is still mostly accurate.
People can read you through your body language as well and decipher the true meaning of your words by studying your gestures and other indications through your body language.

When being observant and reading beyond the spoken words, Body Language brings into focus the unsaid and often the most important parts of a conversation.