Either due to poor planning or sudden influx of tasks at some point we must have grumbled about the shortage of time and wished for an extra hour for each day. Yet we fail to recognise that with authentic time management strategies we can always allocate time for all our tasks and will be left with more time on our hands.

Here’s a sure way that will help you manage your Time:

  1. Delete:

    This applies to tasks that are not productive and yet take up a chunk of your everyday time. These tasks can be easily avoided and just by doing so you could end up with additional time to allot to other tasks or simply for you to rest and rejuvenate.

    Example of such tasks include watching television or aimlessly scrolling through the internet without any outcome or purpose by restricting or completely eliminating these tasks from your day you are bound to manage time more efficiently.


  2. Delegate:

    Not all tasks on your schedule demand your undivided attention or you to be specifically working on it. Such tasks can be delegated and can be entrusted to somebody who can finish the task for you.

    Example of these tasks can be finishing off a task after you have established a guideline or assigning someone to help you with a task. You can definitely overlook the work and ensure that it is correct but you do not have to be doing it personally.


  3. Defer:

    Tasks that are not required to be completed immediately can be postponed to be done on a later day.

    You sure can-do tasks in small pieces so that they do not pile up on the last day but if it is clashing with a task that demands you immediate attention then it is better to focus on the latter. Deferred tasks are not tasks that are ignored but rather tasks that can be completed at a later point of time.


  4. Do:

    Tasks that need to be finished at the moment or by the end of your day are the ones that make it to this list. These tasks are on top priority and need you immediate attention.

    They are tasks that have a deadline and you must finish those tasks at all costs.

By following these 4 steps every single day or every single time you face dearth of time, you will be able to sort out tasks on the basis of priorities and assign enough time for all the tasks on your list.